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X by Y: Multi-On-Pallet and IBC Filling system:

Use: This system is designed to be used with an integrated conveyor system, usually powered but can be gravity. The pallets or IBC are automatically indexed through the filling system providing a fast and efficient way of filling.

Infeed and outfeed conveyor lengths can be supplied to suit your application, Filling section 1500mm long.

Operation: A pallet or IBC in placed on the scale or indexed via conveyor system, on operating the Start Fill Push Button the scale automatically tares the weight of the containers and pallet to zero. The lance and valves open and the system measure the weight of the product entering the container at about 90% of the fill weight the product flow rate is reduced to a fine feed producing a very accurate fill. This is repeated for the rest of the containers.

Note: Each fill will Tare the weigh on the scale to zero i.e. Pallet, empty containers and all previous filled containers.

Container Size: 20kg through to 1000kg (IBC)

Operation: On Pallet Filling Integrated with Conveyor System


  • Maximum height 1200mm as standard (option for higher containers)

  • Standard use (none flammable)

  • ATEX: Group II. Zone 1 Gas group IIG / Group III, Zone 21 Dust group IID

  • Hygienic

  • Bottom fill / Top fill / Above fill / Viscosity fill

  • Weigh or Flow Meter filling

  • One or Multi filling lines


For filling various products using our range of filling nozzles.


Bottom Fill: For foaming product, nozzle remains immersed in product while filling (lifts will level of liquid).


Top Fill: For non - foaming products, nozzle tip enters top of containers while filling.


Above Fill: For viscous products, nozzle remains above the container during the fill.

Extras: Data collection: Information from the weigh indicator can be sent to a PC via RS 232 connection, it will provide details such as product selected on indicator, date, time, target fill weight and actual fill weights. This is stored on a hard or PC spreadsheet.

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