Single Container Filler (Size 2) - TOP & BOTTOM FILL


SF2 automatic filler twin head.jpg

SCF2: Single Container Filler size 2 (Up to 200ltr container)

Use: For filling a single container at a time, foaming and non-foaming. Can be used as a standalone unit, mobile or connected to conveyor systems.

Container Size: 25g to 300kg

Operation: 1 container


  • Maximum height 900mm (200ltr drum)

  • Standard use (none flammable)

  • ATEX Zone Gas group IIG

  • Hygienic

  • Bottom fill / Top fill / Above fill / Viscosity fill

  • Weigh or Flow Meter filling

  • One or Multi filling lines


For filling various products using our range of filling nozzles.


Bottom Fill: For foaming product, nozzle remains immersed in product while filling (lifts will level of liquid).


Top Fill: For non - foaming products, nozzle tip enters top of containers while filling.


Above Fill: For viscous products, nozzle remains above the container during the fill.