1986 = RCS (Ross Control Systems) was started Ross Gammon in 1986.

1988 = RCS Filling Machines was created by Ross Gammon after recognising there was a need in the market for a UK based drum filling machine manufacturer.

1991 = Snake Arm Filling System: It took RCS over 3 years to finalise the design of our first multi-on-pallet drum filling system and to this day our Snake Arm Filling System it is our best seller (and most copied).

2019 = Present day: We have come a long way since 1988, we still manufacture semi-automatic filling systems but can also provide system incorporating the latest technology:

  •          Automatically fill 4 drums on a pallet (with fully EC Verification/ Weighs & Measures approval)

  •          Automatically blend different products in the drum with multi filling lines

  •          Capture data in real time

  •          Remotely monitored

  •          Remotely controlled from the office/control room


Our policy has always been “Built to Last” and that’s why we are the leading design and manufacturer of Drum Filling Equipment in the UK.

We are a family run business with customer care and after sales service being one of the most important aspects of the business.

We relish the challenge this industry provides but more importantly, we enjoy manufacturing top quality equipment that we know will still be running for decades to come.

Ross Gammon

MD and Engineer

RCS Filling Machines Ltd


RCS Filling Machines - Ross Gammon
Ross Gammon
Managing Director
RCS Filling Machines - Lee Gowans
Lee Gowans
Chief Engineer
RCS illing Machines - Kim Gammon
Kim Gammon
Marketing & Design
RCS Filling Machines - Alex Gammon
Alex Gammon
Parts & Trainee Engineer
Paul Dougherty
RCS Filling achines LTD
Oliver Gadsbey
RCS Flling Machines - Employees
James Alexander
Software Specialist
RCS Liquid Filling Machines
Dawn Greenshields